Let's heal. So we don't have another generation of trauma passing itself off as culture--


Reliable Hearts, a local movement of community leaders passionate about making healing and thriving a priority in the home, community, and all aspects of life for underserved youth and families.


Provide evidence-based programs, transformative mentoring, holistic recovery services, and choice experiences developing the willingness and capability of underserved youth and families to mobilize and create purposeful lives.


Is to connect and educate underserved youth and families who seek to break adverse intergenerational cycles and develop the capabilities to improve themselves and the community.

Reliable Hearts is a genuine program that really helps with your needs including, mentally, physically, and emotionally also future plans that's never been put to use. It's rare that u find good people that has good intentions and everything is from the heart. You'll always feel secure just because of the vibe and the love that the staff gives off without them even knowing and everything is meaningful and for the best position for you. The best part is when you have inner things u are battling that you feel you are only going through and then there's these awesome staff at Reliable Hearts that just come and show u that they've been there at times still get some trips in the road but then you look at who they are and how far they came. That's where your secure feeling fall in place and you cherish it! push yourself more then u thought u could.....

--K. Y., age 19

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