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Reliable Hearts staff are non-judgemental and willing to gently confront you about ways that they see you holding yourself back. They are listeners, but willing to ask you questions that will help you think. Often, you intuitively know the answer to your own problem, but sometimes it takes someone encouraging you to dig deeper to bring the answer into the light. 

You can open up to Reliable Hearts staff like a dear friend, with whom you can share personal details like a partner, yet the relationship is professional and maintains clear boundaries.Your relationship with the Reliable Hearts staff will be a safe place to cast aside your former life and greet the world with a new perspective. 

High Priority Parental Program is designed to help parents develop the necessary skills for effective parenting. The ability to nurture doesn't always come naturally to everyone, and children who are not nurtured become damaged. High Priority Parental Program harnesses the STEP curriculum to help parents learn effective ways to relate to their children by using parent education study groups. By identifying the purposes of children's behavior, STEP helps parents learn how to encourage cooperative behavior in their children and how not to reinforce unacceptable behaviors. STEP helps parents change dysfunctional and destructive relationships with their children by offering concrete alternatives to abusive and ineffective methods of discipline and control. 

Program Goals

  • Increased ability to identify goals of misbehavior

  • Increased alternatives to misbehaviors

  • Increased encouragement skills

  • Increased skill in communication

  • Increased skill in cooperation (parent and child)

  • Increased skill in discipline

  • Increased skill in choosing parenting approach

  • Increase child self-esteem and confidence

  • Decreased inappropriate parental behaviors in disciplining children

The High Priority Parental Program provides a space for parents to share their concerns and learn that their problems are not unique, and offers opportunities for parents to become aware that their own reactions and attitudes may unintentionally influence their children's unacceptable behaviors.  

Program Objectives

  • Parents gain an understanding of developmental sequences and their child's accomplishments. 

  • Parents learn how children's belief systems are formed.

  • Parents learn to identify the four goals of misbehavior and how to foster positive results:

    • Attention​

    • Power

    • Revenge

    • Inadequacy

  • Parents discover ways to build children's self-esteem through the process of encouragement.

  • Parents develop an effective discipline system based on both firmness and kindness.

  • Parents learn to deal with emotional problems and promote positive emotional growth.

7 week program (offered twice per year)

60-90 minutes per session