Our Board of Directors team and all of our purposeful Reliable Hearts staff members are knowledgeable, mindful and wholehearted professionals with a deep recognition and understanding of Reliable Hearts' vision to never lose heart on the youth and families we are spirited to serve.


President - Veronica Thornton

Secretary - Al Mills

Treasurer - Annette Gibson


Executive Director


Annette Gibson

Born and raised on the east side, Annette is a proud Cleveland native. Annette lost her father to suicide during her first year of life which forced her mother into single parenthood at age 19. Struggling with the loss of her husband, Annette's mother decided it would be best for Annette to live with her grandparents and her grandmother became her primary caregiver until she passed away unexpectedly shortly after Annette's twelfth birthday.


The death of Annette's grandmother and the pain of continuous  sexual molestation by her favorite big cousin overwhelmed her and she attempted to take her own life; the once mild mannered honor student coped with the pain she was feeling the best way she knew how. Annette became rebellious, sex and drugs were an outlet for her pain, she became a mother at 14. She attended Collinwood and Glenville High school; she graduated from Cleveland Extension High School, an alternative high school that was hosted at Max S. Hayes in the 90's. 


After high school Annette earned a Medical Assistant diploma and worked various jobs. At 19, she became a victim of domestic violence and suffered multiple abusive encounters, almost losing her life once, for the next several years. Annette knew her mother and grandmother had been victims of domestic violence and she vowed to never be a victim but somehow the cycle repeated itself. Realizing the impact her situation was having on her young daughter, Annette left her abuser, enrolled in college to further her education and started a new life. She started a life of healing and shortly after she met an amazing man, married, and had two more children.


Passionate about healing, Annette forged conversations with her mother to uncover truths that had gone unrecognized for years in her family, taboos that increased suffering. 

Reflective of the conversations, Annette realized that there were at least three generations of domestic violence victims in her family, not to mention the men that were perpetrators. Research shows that her family was not alone in passing down unhealthy family traditions and it's common in African American communities.


Equipped with her pain and her passion, Annette embarked on a mission to help youth and families struggling with trauma passed down through multiple generations. She believes if families are healed communities will heal and quality of life improves for all.