Reliable Hearts staff are non-judgemental and willing to gently confront you about ways that they see you holding yourself back. They are listeners, but willing to ask you questions that will help you think. Often, you intuitively know the answer to your own problem, but sometimes it takes someone encouraging you to dig deeper to bring the answer into the light. 

You can open up to Reliable Hearts staff like a dear friend, with whom you can share personal details like a partner, yet the relationship is professional and maintains clear boundaries.Your relationship with the Reliable Hearts staff will be a safe place to cast aside your former life and greet the world with a new perspective. 

What is a Parent Café?

Parent Cafés are evenings of sharing and learning amongst space that appreciates all that parents have to offer and all that they need. Parent Cafés are driven by the knowledge that parents can, must, and do tap into their wisdom and resources in order to strengthen their own families.


Guided by trained Parent Hosts, parents gather in small groups and explore questions that really matter to them, questions that they genuinely want answered. Those questions deal with:

  • Taking Care of Yourself

  • Being a Strong Parent

  • Building Strong Relationships with Your Children

How does it work?

At the Parent Café, every parent participates in gathering and sharing the group's wisdom. Together parents lead their own learning and growth, they gain confidence, recognize what they already know, and realize what supports they already have around them. They become clear about what their families' challenges are.


With other parents, parents devise ways to solve problems and resolve issues in their own families. They identify issues and find ways to address them, committing to individual action. And they build trusting relationships, social support, and connections with other parents.

At the Parent Café you will:

  • Laugh

  • Share Ideas

  • Learn About Community Resources

  • Create a Support System

Why Come?

Parent Cafés provide parents with an opportunity to build connections to other parents, share ideas and determine what they need for themselves and their children. Through the Parent Café process, parents move beyond isolation to give and receive the support they need to keep their families strong.


Through these meaningful conversations, parents are working to build five Protector Factors that benefit their families: (1) opening up their social circle, (2) building their ability to bounce back or be resilient, (3) knowledge of child development and parenting, (4) access to supportive services, and the ability to (5) help their children communicate and express their feelings.

Upcoming Virtual Parent Cafè Sessions: 

June 2, 2020 - June 16 2020  6pm-8pm (every Tuesday)

June 4, 2020 - June 18, 2020 6pm-8pm (every Thursday)

June 6, 2020 - June 20, 2020 1pm-3pm (every Saturday)

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