To help underserved youth and families heal from the trauma of societal inequities by providing space that promotes healing, outreach that educates, and programs that develop essential skills.


Reliable Hearts envisions a community where all youth and families are on a path of healing from intergenerational trauma, their potential and quality of life are not limited by addiction, mental illness and its consequences, and they're able to create purposeful lives and cultivate healthy intergenerational cycles.


Loyalty. Reliable Hearts is devoted to the success of the youth, families, and communities it serves. 

Openness. Reliable Hearts builds relationships based on trust and transparency and they are the cornerstone of the organization.

Vitality. Reliable Hearts helps youth and families heal from intergenerational trauma to increase development and use of the skills, knowledge, and ability needed to strengthen and mobilize youth, families, and communities.

Empathy. Reliable Hearts identifies with youth and families struggling with the impact of intergenerational trauma and are committed to positioning them to overcome the impact. 

Reliable Hearts is an influential agent of culture and change in the lives of underserved youth and families.