• Vee

Blessed Scars

Every scar she had seen and unseen

was because she didn’t read the lines in between

"Be careful what you wish for"

if not specific you may get more or less of what you bargained for

every scar had a tale even the ones in her head

she didn’t remember so well

she thought she had a lover and a friend

ignoring the sense she was letting the enemy in

sometimes unknown is the course of a nefarious source

they don’t always come by way of force

she was lured in under the guise that truth was a given

until the true reality had risen

he came with so many hidden demons

he trapped her in quicksand

taunted and abused her

while reaching out halfway with one hand

this is not what she asked for in a man

to be lured into a place of despair

trapped and tortured without a care

not to be defeated she got still within herself

put love away and got courage and strength off the shelf

once that was done she and the quicksand became one

and just because her eyes were closed

he figured he could get her off guard I suppose

just when he stood to kick her in

she pulled herself out by his leg and then he fell in

slowly sinking in his own quicksand

she stood there for a moment to catch her breath

and assess her scars

she got upset with herself because to get out of that trap was hard

but she was only there because she thought he cared

even though the signs were there

now she pays attention because of the scars she bares.


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