Damaged Goods

There are some people that find it amusing when I proclaim that we are all messed up in some way just on different levels and only some of us are willing to admit how messed up we are. Well as for myself I’m messed up but healing from a lot of stuff. One thing I know for sure is that 2020 has proven to me that most of the Earth’s population is messed up in some form. No one is perfectly sane by any stretch of the imagination and if they say that they are then I question their overall sanity. As humans we have become so accustomed to living with trauma that even being traumatized has been normalized. We see it every day. The proof has been memorialized through the power of social media when people die in inhumane ways on film and no matter what preceded the incident regardless of any identifying characteristics of the victim or the murderer there is always a whole group of people that will rationalize the death even when it could have been prevented by using other tactics. That is a tell-tale symptom that humans have been traumatized.

Being traumatized is nothing new as apparently it is part of the human experience. It is just that now we are being traumatized psychologically daily. We already know that no two traumas are alike as no two people will have the same exact experience. This gives everyone a different perspective and a different level of tolerance for different things that we encounter in life as we grow older. But the fact that now we can open our phones and can be inundated with a barrage of videos being shared about nothing but bad news and chaos happening across the globe just makes it even more traumatic. If it’s not civil unrest here then it’s police brutality somewhere or some horrific sex trafficking somewhere else and that’s not even considering all the horrific crimes being done locally on a daily basis because there are still rapes, murders and things that will make for some tear-jerking episode of Criminal Minds or any show like that all going in someone’s backyard that we may possibly know. So, is there really any wonder why humans are behaving in such inhumane ways?

Science has already proven that the Earth has experienced several extinction level events throughout history. I think that it’s safe to say that our creator is hoping that one of these times humans will get it right because personally I would get tired of destroying everything I created just because the things I created stop doing the one thing I expected them to do which is love and respect what was created for them as well as one another. You would think that it wouldn’t be that hard and at some point, humans would get the hint. Nope that’s just how messed up we are. There are parts of the human species that will forego every human quality just to satisfy some selfish need that jeopardizes the greater good. That small part of the human species is a parasite and thrives on the chaos and trauma it creates and maintains. These parasites thrive in environments like that. I think that is why the Earth is attempting to reset without going through a complete extinction level event. The only way that can be done is by everyone taking time throughout 2020 to slow down and figure out what they need to get real about, address and start healing. It doesn’t matter if you want to heal your finances and financial literacy, or emotional wounds that have not healed or maybe even recognizing that you need help in even identifying what you are carrying around mentally that needs to be addressed.

As of right now we are facing the dawn of 2021. A new year where we get a chance to try to get it right all over again. The real question is are we going to save ourselves and start doing the work to heal individually as well as a society or are we going to continue to allow these parasites to disguise themselves as humans while they feed off of the traumatic effects of their debauchery they are inflicting on our human existence. Everyone is in need of some healing and I for one plan on starting 2021 continuing the process so that my bloodline starts to heal and then eventually everyone won’t be so messed up. 2020 will definitely be the year some people chose to reset and start working on themselves or some aspect of themselves. If people realized anything this year it is that we are all messed up in some kind of way. Some of us are just willing to admit but hopefully starting next year the number of people seeking healing will grow just as the number of healed will grow.

Have a Wonderfully Happy New Year


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