Giving Back

2020 has been one for the books for sure. I think the only way to wrap up this year properly is to make sure we give back with the utmost urgency going into the new year. Even if people say they have never been traumatized all those that work in the realm of the Social Sciences have agreed that Covid 19/ Coronavirus has traumatized the whole world and affected the psyche of many. The fact that it is now the holiday season just makes it worse for some.

Under normal conditions the holiday season would be a time where everyone is oh so jolly, full of optimism and thankful for all the blessings they have received. The streets would be busy with people bustling around shopping and trying to get somewhere to be with family (longer than they normally would) in many cases. Stores would be crowded, and the smell of cinnamon and sugar and holiday baked goods fill the air tempting many to indulge while throwing caution to the wind. There would also be a whole lot of traumatized people trying to get through social gatherings without being triggered. There would normally be millions of people trying to get to the store just to buy gifts they can send in place of showing up anywhere to avoid everything about a family or social gathering. Yet we are not living under normal conditions. Our world as we know it has changed. As a result of some of the stillness that we are experiencing due to limited movement or isolation has allowed a lot of people to take this time to work on whatever has been killing them and their family the most. For some it is their health and wellness, others it may be finances and still for some it will be healing themselves psychologically and/or emotionally.

No two people are alike and just like our DNA we all experience the world in a unique way. Our individual perspectives have formed based on our experiences which has given each of us a sense of what it takes for us as individuals to survive in this world. Therefore, it only makes sense that just like flowers bloom in their own time people evolve to their best selves in their own time. Taking this time to focus on what you want to heal, change, improve on is imperative to the survival of humans as the battle between humans and humankind is not being fought the same. This is a pivotal time to simply give back things that are not of the human condition. Give back all the chaos and distractions along with the things that you do not need. Give back that need to prove something, the unhealthy and many times unnecessary need to compete. Give back the need to be something you are not for the sake of being accepted. Give back the envy, greed, evil and nefarious ways to whoever or wherever they came from. Give back anything that has been weighing you down or causing you to see anything but love in this world. Once we individually give all that back to where it came from, we can release ourselves of this type of hell on Earth that humankind seems to thrive on. We cannot allow ourselves to continue to be infected with whatever this stuff is that we need to give back. Most of the trauma that has been inflicted on many of us is a result of a multitude of things that happened throughout history because people stopped connecting with what made us human to begin with.

The fact is simply do not spend another year not being your best self. We shall have a multitude of new normals that will stem from the year 2020. There is a universal shift taking place that will benefit all that have decided to start somewhere working on becoming the best version of themselves. If 2020 is going to be a year of infamy we might as well make sure that we do something for ourselves that marks it as the year that changed everything in every way for all the generations that descend from you. If we are indeed the sum of our experiences, then we need to strive to have better experiences.

Happy Holidays,


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