Oh the Trauma

2020 is proving to be one for the history books. The world is trying to cleanse itself from all the crap it has taken over time. The conditions are right for everything and everyone to have a reset. Life has proven time and time again that in order for things to come together sometimes they have to fall completely apart.

We've been talking about trying to get people to recognize the trauma that has affected their lives so they can deal with it but it seems that as black people we can't seem to catch a break. We can't even deal with our past trauma or generational trauma because we are constantly being traumatized. It's like there's a meter somewhere that gauges how many or when black people decide to start deal with their own issues that goes off and says "that's enough they've met the quota for people that want to heal" and then all hell breaks loose and somewhere in America there is a black person being recorded dying at the hands of a police officer and is plastered all over social media followed by anger, outrage, protest, marching, waiting and then after all of that usually the perpetrator(s) elude the justice system in some form. And that happens annually it seems.

Now add that with the Covid-19/Corona virus pandemic and having to go into quarintine status for the whole country in some capacity over the past few months. That created a powder keg of emotions that we are now seeing displayed nationwide by people who have continuously been traumatized over and over again with no recourse or vaccine available. The hate they give has been permeating in this country for a very long time. Now the agitators and the agitated are being more vocal in their efforts to be heard (putting it mildly). My question is why is anyone acting surprised. This was inevitable and only the beginning because just as people are afraid of dying from a virus that seemingly attacks whoever it wants with no regard, black people specifically are afraid of dying from an virus that disguises itself as someone that is there to "Protect & Serve Us". All of "us" not just some, not just when it's convenient. Just protect & serve. But it seems that is too much to ask as a black person in America. We are supposed to just shut up and take what is given whenever it is given and somehow be thankful for whatever we were given.

Huh? I thought the year was 2020 not 1820 or 1920. This is supposed to be the land of opportunity. So as America is deemed the Land of Opportunity I will always take the opportunity to work towards healing myself and healing my community and part of that healing is fighting for the right to heal, and not constantly be traumatized by a system that seems to insist on violating the inalienable rights of Black people in an effort to keep us in a state of chaos yet in compliance with a system that disrupts and infects our communities. Keeping the majority focused on basic survival in a world that is hell bent on killing our spirits and trying to force us into modern day forms of slavery by constantly attacking our physical, emotional and spiritual well being just so a few can feel like they made the white race superior somehow. When in reality race doesn't exist and is a social construct created to cause layers of division for the sole purpose of having a superior vs inferior competition amongst human beings.

Maybe it's the writer in me but I do believe 2020 is building up to that scene in the movie where you start to put all the pieces of the story together and then "BOOM" it suddenly takes off in another direction you didn't see coming. Right now we are all playing a role in psychological thriller know as 2020. However it ends, we will all have a definition of what the new normal is.


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