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The Roots

There is something to be said for people that don't have a hard time expressing their emotions.  Then there are also those people that are very reserved in expressing their emotions.  Both have their respective benefits as well as their drawbacks the one thing that we forget is that there is a reason that most people do things the way they do or react to things in a certain way. Our experiences are so different within our culture that we have the ability to create a way to learn from each other and our experiences as well as the ability to ignore the similarities in our differences. We just have to want to see the differences in a new light. We then use that to build on what is deficient in ourselves. Psychologically  there are things ingrained into each of us as individuals based on our individual existence of which will vary just as much as our culture is varied within our culture. These are the things that causes us to stay divided, combine that with the trauma many of us have experienced based on the trauma that someone else experienced that now want to inflict a form of trauma on someone else causing a cycle that ripples through our community like wildfire because not only is it not talked about it also remains something that never gets dealt with. Many of our problems are not created by our own volition. They are results of unresolved trauma from our ancestors unresolved trauma and it then becomes the responsibility of each generation within each limb of the family tree to break that cycle of trauma for their branch of the family tree. Just as trees have roots we have to start getting to the root of the issue within ourselves so that we can start healing the roots of our family which will then penetrate to the roots of our branch of the tree which will then extend the healing to the roots of the family tree as each branch of the tree starts to heal and as science dictates the healing can then become infectious. As healing is the medicine needed to cure what ails  many communities. People will come from all types of perspectives . It is part of what makes the human experience unique. As humans we are the sum of our experiences and we choose what to add to our legacies and what we want to subtract from our future's possible outcomes. We can visualize what we want to see multiply in our descendants so that we can stop being divided amongst ourselves. Now is the time to be selfish in our actions as it pertains to healing ourselves and our families which will start the process of healing our communities by extension. This can only be done by understanding that our past traumas are only a small portion of what makes us who we are. It is up to each of us to decide how we will use it to improve upon ourselves and our families. When you start working to find the root of the issue you can start from the roots to heal it.


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