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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Somehow I'm supposed to be alright with an apology I never got. I'm supposed to suck it up and be the bigger person because the other person never gave another thought to the trauma they caused. They stopped my free flowing love because they weren't the center of it all. Somehow it was okay for them to get on with their life and leave me with the gifts of mistrust, uncertainty, unresolved issues and boxes of invisible tissues. Nobody cares to see scars from broken hearts so we start walking around always on guard protecting all our collected scars. Somehow it was alright to leave me hanging by a thin thread as you ran to safety right before you cut the thread I was leaving for you to come across safely. Somehow I'm supposed to cater to your arrogance, selfishness that somehow I'm supposed to accept your emotional ignorance in silence. I'm supposed to take the venom you spit and swallow it. I'm supposed to accept that you tried to take me out with the precision of a hollow point bullet tip. But then again I don't have to accept it... I can't be you. I love until love no longer comes through. I love because it allows me to choose to see the love in you. I love because it feels good too. What trauma happened to you that you won't allow someone to love you. Somehow, someway something has sucked, kicked, punched or killed the love right out of you. So now you're scared to let any love come shining through to bounce off of everyone around you. Somehow we all realize we didn't get a fair deal. We all have to come to terms with our own form of trauma so we can face it and learn how to deal. At some point we have to start loving ourselves enough to unload all the baggage and trauma bestowed upon us by others so we can build ourselves up. That is the only way we will ever start to level the playing field. Unload one thing at a time then step back and watch what it will reveal. I'm unloading so I can give them back what they gave to me in an unfair deal. Vee

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