Lowering tolerance..

Watch what you tolerate for your own self care....

As we go along through life trying to figure out everything we start to discover things about ourselves along the way that we just kind of ignored before. Depending on the route a persons life has taken there are certain things they either build up a defense mechanism for or they tolerate certain things and/or behaviors based on whatever the needed emotional response is they desire or have become accustomed to based on their past experiences. It is up to each person to decide when they want to decide what their role is in and how they contributed to whatever their current circumstances are.

Sometimes things have to go into extreme chaos for some of us to understand that we accept certain behaviors from others because we have been conditioned to do. We may tolerate being treated badly for fear of being alone, or tolerate the mistreatment of others for acceptance. Whatever it is that you tolerate indicates that you don't like it in the first place. So why are you tolerating it should be the first question you ask yourself. Once you figure that out you know you're on the right path to discover you. Those things about yourself that you once ignored will start to present themselves one by one asking you what are you going to do about me now? How much can you tolerate and why should you have to tolerate pain just to feel some kind of love? I guess it depends on what kind of love you are looking for to begin with and if you know how you really feel about yourself. Oh the things we discover when we really look at ourselves and what needs to be healed.


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