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Checking Coordinates

Many understand life doesn’t go as planned

but forget the map was never in their hands

navigating the way the earth moves and the wind talks

missing souls that walk every shift in decision

puts the map in a different position

with no coordinates many seem to miss the gravitational orbit

“X” marks the spot they say

then why did the route take you another way

down one road turned left onto the highway

exit here the directions seem clear

neglecting to account for the construction that takes place year after year

bridges burned roads repaired some built around things that soon won’t be there

only specific routes through routes that will be clear

but you had it all mapped out every stop along every route

you thought you knew where you were going in the beginning

checked off a few stops that appeared to be steps towards winning

then suddenly a turn leading to a dead end

causing you to pause and recalculate your positioning

investigating just to find someone or something

has tampered with your navigational system

and now you’re forced to start again

never considering your compass needed repositioning

or maybe you were handed the wrong map from the beginning

that’s one of those things you think would be worth mentioning

but you were so focused on getting to your destination

because as you see it “time’s a wasting”

forgetting navigating through life is our only needed explanation

then come to understand the map you had in your hand

may not have been mapped out as you planned.


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